Show the name of the content that is removed for copyright

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Developers can sometimes have hundreds or thousands of assets. Getting notified that some have been taken down, and not knowing which is the worst. You just know that somewhere, one of your games may be broken in some way. Ugh!


Just don’t upload material you don’t own, and you’ll be fine.

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I don’t understand why this thread was flagged. Is it a duplicate? Agree completely with OP, it’s infuriating having an asset like a sound removed and not even knowing which sound it was because all of the metadata has been eliminated.


There is no expectation that you OWN all assets that you upload.

There is an expectation that you do not upload (or at least get permission to upload) content that is not yours.

This is beside the point.


They said it didn’t follow their “recommended format” that is convoluted and redundant in my opinion.


Completely support this. How do I know when audio I have permission to use is being deleted if I don’t even know what is being deleted?

Just edit your post to say “as a roblox developer” before the first sentence and it’ll probably no longer be a problem. (those few words must be really important)

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According to Roblox TOS, there is an expectation that all content you upload is your own / you own rights to use. Stop uploading content outside these bounds and you won’t run into problems in the first place.

It’s really that simple.

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It’s not clear how roblox performs their copyright detection and if it will affect non-offenders. It should be a reasonable expectation to at least know what roblox is moderating so you can either dispute it or learn from your mistakes.

If I get permission to upload a popular song to use in my game and it gets “removed for copyright”, how will I even know that it was removed or have the ability to dispute it? There’s no information provided all on what roblox is moderating and that’s the problem this post is trying to address.


The expectation that I have a right to use an asset, and the burden of proof vs Roblox’s automated moderation system, is not what is at question here. Your argument is contrary to the purpose of the post, and you are not providing a solution to the aforementioned problem.

This is about the moderation system not providing proper details as to what is or is not copyrighted. The internet is filled with literally millions of sounds that I can upload that may not not have express written permission for, but many of which are open source. How am I to know what I actually am not allowed to have and what I infact know I am allowed to have, if Roblox doesn’t tell me what was deleted?

If Roblox deleted a sound I have rightful ownership of, or a right to use, I wouldn’t even know because the notification doesn’t tell me what was deleted. I cannot appeal something that I don’t know the name of.



If you’re uploading things without knowing this already, you need to start being more observant of what exactly you upload.

If you look at your inventory, you see content deleted items, and can’t figure out from your inventory what was deleted, it sounds like you have an issue with uploading too many items that you don’t have the rights to.

If Roblox deleted one of my audios, I’d easily be able to look at the areas I maintain on my computer with files I upload to Roblox and look at my inventory and cross match the differences.

However, that wouldn’t happen to me, as all the audio I uploaded, I knew whether or not I had rights to it.

Just think for a moment, what kind of audio do you tend to upload? Top 100 singles from US Charts? Sounds Effects from an “Open Source” Library? Think now from that, which ones would be likely to get weeded out by Roblox?

In the case of sound effects that are “Open Source,” does the sound effect library say anything on their website about not allowing it for a monetized or commercial venue?

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You’re making a case that wanting to at least know what roblox is deleting off of your profile is an unreasonable expectation. I shouldn’t be expected to keep an ordered list of every single audio I’ve uploaded to roblox over the past many years just in case i need to know what roblox is deleting from my account. You can’t possibly think that’s good UX; being able to simply know what is being deleted is a very low and realistic expectation.

If one of the 23 songs I uploaded (with proper rights) in 2017 that my game still uses gets deleted, is it my fault because I don’t remember what I uploaded three years ago? Come on, be realistic. Roblox should at least inform developers what is being deleted so they can either learn from their mistakes or properly appeal. Getting a message that says we removed “(Removed for copyright)” audio because it violated copyright might as well be telling me that a game I made years ago was deleted for ToS but I’m not allowed to know which one.