Show Your Flag!


It’s been an ongoing joke resonating within me for the past year (since last RDC) about bringing a big Maryland flag (where I’m from), except this time I actually have the flag! So I’ve been thinking about getting others involved in this. How about we have a little fun and show where we come from? Would you do it?

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  • No!
  • Maybe!

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UPDATE (6/1): I’ve received verification from TSA stating that you’re allowed to bring a state flag, so if that was ever in question, you’re fine.


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I have a 5x3 Maryland flag that I plan on waving and wearing around my back, I think I’ll be pretty identifiable.

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Mind adding a “maybe” button? I’m not in yet, and I don’t want to commit to anything.

Oh, this isn’t committal! Just gathering interest, but I can add that!

My phone case has the Saudi flag on it, but I don’t know if that counts.

That’s fine, too! Just about anything that shows where you’re from works.