Showing a different value instead of the player's name

So, i’m trying to get the leaderboard to just hide the players name and display a value in its place, how would i pull that up?

Can’t seem to find out how i’d do that, sure leaderstats and all that but, the is obviously going to stay displayed.

I’ve looked it up and stuff but i can’t really find anything helpful.
I don’t know how to define the players: value either. (The names, like my god.)

Basically, i’m trying to make the leaderboard display a players “Character Name”, such as “Joe Mama” or “Gompachiro Kamaboko” or something, instead of “AllahSword226”.
You feel me? (Yes i have all that jazz done, just can’t find a way to display something else rather than the players name.)

Just a hint as to how i’d define the players name on the leaderboard would be nice. B)

Custom leaderboard is required and then a choice of method for hiding/substituting the names. Usually you want some sort of table that represents the names of each player.

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