[Side Shear] My second showcase!

I started this project since 2 months ago, yes its a slow work. I was inspired to make this when i was bored and i suddenly remembered one of my team build project that went abandoned after 1 day of ‘developing’.

In this showcase. It taught me so much about water ‘terraining’, how to achieve the best water looking, and the beauty of it. Hence why i make this game, to focus on the water scenery. Yes water mmm yes.

This project might a bit look rushed because im trying to finish this as fast as possible so i can focus on exam. So this does mean there’s a large room for improvement. If anyone got any concern about the water in this game. Im open for it. If it’s not about water, im still open for it.

Note that im not a good builder or a good modeler, nor was i a good artist. So expect a very bad showcase.

Here’s the link so i can advertise the game first therefore i got visits!

Well nevertheless. For the ‘i have no time to enter this game’ people. Here’s several picture for generic idea on how the ‘water’ in this game look.