Sign up for the RDC 2019 London Viewing Party

Hey Developers,

In just a couple more months, we’ll be unveiling a veritable hodgepodge of new and exciting announcements at the 2019 Roblox Developers Conference (RDC). Don’t miss your chance to meet, connect, and make friends at the RDC London Viewing Party on Saturday, August 10!

The format in London may differ than in previous years but make no mistake—this is still going to be one of the greatest, most fun gatherings of creative minds anywhere in the world. There will be food and refreshments galore starting at 3:30 PM, live presentations from Roblox staff members in attendance alongside livestreamed keynotes from RDC US, exclusive London swag, and an epic party to remember it all by until the event closes at 10:00 PM. No matter your experience level, the connections and friendships you make here will be invaluable. But don’t just take our word for it; ask your fellow developers!

Senior Engineering Director 83colnago, Studio Product Manager nsgriff, and TheGamer101 will be there, along with other movers and shakers straight out of Roblox HQ. If you want the inside scoop on developing, a chance to network with the best of the best, and to celebrate your success with other developers, apply now to the RDC 2019 London Viewing Party here:

We’re hosting the event at 30 Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB, United Kingdom, just a minute’s walk away from Euston and the Euston Square tube stations. We hope to see you there!

Developer Relations


Hi, I’m Anwendungsentwickler!
As a member of the German Developer Engagement Team it’s my responsibility to help the German Developer community here on Roblox grow - and this also includes attending the RDC London Viewing Party. :grin:
I joined Roblox last month and am very excited to see you all in London this August!


I’m a Senior Engineering Director at Roblox where I oversee all of the company’s apps - the software users use to find games to play, edit their avatar, chat with friends, but robux, etc. I’m super excited to meet all of you in London this summer!


Heyoo, I’m TheGamer101 (or at least one half of TheGamer101!)

We are long time Roblox developers and now software engineers working on the Avatar and Player Experience teams. If you are a long time veteran you may remember us from hit games such as Sword Fighting Tournament and… If you are a bit newer you may remember us from hit APIs such as Clothing.Color3, Motor6D.Transform and Instance:GetPropertyChangedSignal().

I’m looking forward to chatting with you all in London!


Heyooo, I’m nsgriff (or at least I think I am!)

Here’s the quickest intro possible: I control your future, I have been on the platform for 10 years, and yes I had cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast this morning.

Now for the long form: I’ll be in London and if my announcement posts over the past year haven’t given it away already, I am a Product Manager for Studio. I would love nothing more than to meet all of you so you can give me all your incredible ideas. I promise I won’t take too many of them and get a bunch of free likes on the DevForum.

See you all in London!


Id love to attend this after being invited as its in the Uk which is awesome, as its affordable to get to, however im away for the date , so hopefully there will be opportunities like this again :^)



I applied for the London viewing party a while ago, but haven’t got anything back yet. Is there an estimated time for when I’ll receive an invite? (That’s if I get an invite)

Update: Finally got the invite. Took a few weeks but now I’ll be going to RDC London!


You should wait few weeks. Sadly that’s how IT works.

Filled up an application since I thought why not, yet to have heard back though.

I am actually very happy that it will happen in the UK as it very close and I been bursting to go to RDC for once. This may be my chance.