Signals that fire when user starts/stops recording or taking screenshot


As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to add overlays when a player starts taking a screenshot or has begun recording a game through Roblox player, because there are no signals to listen to for these actions.

This is an issue, because developers should be able to take advantage of screenshots / screen recording in their games by hiding some UI elements, being able to show a logo or name overlay, or some sort of border which tells other people which may see the screenshot / video what the game is that they’re playing, which may be used for marketing purposes.

Roblox would be able to address this issue by adding screenshot / screen record events which will enable developers to know when a player starts taking a screenshot or has begun recording their gameplay. There should be events for when recording/screenshot taking starts and when it ends. (In the case of screenshot, these events would likely fire only a frame apart or so.)

If Roblox is able to address this, developers will have the ability to remove parts of the UI such as menu bars to ensure that the player gets a good screenshot / recording, or the developer will be able to watermark screenshots and video recordings of their game when a player takes a screenshot or starts recording, which could lead to more players deciding to visit their game as a result.

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