Sijo1234s Portfolio

Hey I’m sijo1234 welcome to my portfolio

Hi, there I’m sijo1234 a scripter and UI designer. I’ve been on this platform for nearly 6 years and have been developing for 2 years.

About me

As stated above I have been scripting for 2 years. I started off development after stumbling upon a video made by a YouTuber named DevKing as I got into it more I started doing projects as I explored more areas I found great interest in the field of Military Tech and UI design.


Due to COVID circumstances I’m very available at the moment and have time 24/7 but as high school reopnes I’m expected to have 3 hours a day from 5 to 8 (GMT+7).

I accept Robux primarily as a form of payment. If it’s a small commission that’s around 1 to 3 tasks then I charge 1k - 3k but if it’s a large project that’s long term then 10k to 15k and some sort of stake in the game’s earnings.

Contact me on discord at rgdelpatron#8770

Note, these are relatively recent stuff and are for mil sims

Rotating turret(10% finished)

Loading screen and UI for a FPS shooter

Drone system with autolocking onto players of the opposing team

UI design that I did for fun.