Silky Smooth Fluid Cutscenes /w Animations

Alright so basically I’m making a game and like it’s going to have different cutscenes but the problem is It’s going to be hard making them move and everything accordingly and making it feel smooth, how would I go about doing that, I do not want to use a plugin

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Ok first this belongs in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support (this relates to scripting) and its best if you use Tween Service to move the camera smoothly and here is an article on Camera Manipulation (read it if you don’t know about Camera Manipulation and how to apply tween service to the camera):

Honestly I beg to differ this is more game design, but anyway thanks for giving me info I already know

Why does this belong in game design to you?

Well you know, games usually design cutscenes, game design is in that sentence makes sense, but lets not argue though @TheUnderratedDev

But cutscenes need scripts to function and game design talks about the game and not the things needed within it to function that’s why there are other categories and that’s all I’m going to say


Took you a pretty long time to write all of that, well thanks anyways