Simple Animation & Feedback and Animation Needed

I made this quick animation in few minutes:
A simple salute pose & crouching pose/movement.

I’m making more animations, but I’m not the best at thinking of ideas. Tell me what ideas/animations I should make (all your comments are helpful and supportive).

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The Crouch Animation

This animation looks super weird, as if you are sitting on air. I would make one of the legs have a knee rested on the ground.

The Salute Animation

This animation looks as if you didn’t use an IK solver; the arm looks supper jagged and glitched.


When making most animations, use the IK solver to make them animations more natural, and use different smoothing algorithms (e.g. cubic inout instead of default linear in) to make animations feel smooter.


Animation ideas:

  1. A slouching animation, lean up against a wall like seen in the sit animation
  2. A dance animation. Really only needed if your game has an event like a dance or bar.
  3. Perhaps a laying down animation? However the problem with that would be ODers abusing it.
  4. Perhaps maybe a point animation?
    Best of luck @BandedTM!
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same feedback as @iGottic