Simple chair i made, criticism welcome

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 2.15.57 PM


side view


I don’t know if it’s just me, but those chair legs are a bit too long (But that’s probably cause of the camera view)

Pretty decent though! :ok_hand:

Looks great but I have to agree… those legs are too long.

I would say to thicken the bottom seat part of it… Cause’ it looks off with the bottom seat portion being paper thin compared to the beam below. Other than that I would say its great, there’s not much to criticize about a chair.

(Sorry about deleting my previous same post but I realized I typed it in a repy to someone rather than just replying to the post.)

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looks very nice, Though I think the seat part is too thin, otherwise good job :+1:

Seat is thin, so I would extend that on the Y axis, the legs are quite long. All of this has been said beforehand.

If I had to be picky, perhaps make the back parts of the chair (whatever you call those stripe things) a little less t h i c c and see how it looks.

Aside from that you’ve done a pretty nice job! 9.9/10 would sit on it.

That chair looks marvelous. Great work on developing it!

Although there could be some fixes to make it look better, like making the bottom parts of the chair could be a little bit skinnier and shorter.

Overall, this chair is incredible!

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here’s the new model, definitely looks better imo, took your criticism well into consideration, also the chair is decoration for a game im working on with my dev team