Simple script not working for some people

I’ve got a very simple script that’s only working for me apparently, inside and outside studio:

local Prompt = script.Parent.ProximityPrompt

    player.Character:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(, 65.65, 15.342)))

Please note that i’m using custom characters, and it even worked with my alt.
Link to the post: Feedback on a small project - #4 by NubblyFry

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What do you mean only working for you?
Its not working for other people?

Exactly, the script is supposed to teleport the character. When i trigger the prompt it works, but other people say it’s not working.

Have you tried it with alt or something?

I have just tried it with an alt and it worked perfectly…

Maybe the other people are lying or trolling you

Hi! I would recomment using “:PivotTo” and not “:SetPrimaryPartCFrame”