Simple Scripting Job 10$ (CLOSED)


Hello, This is a really simple and quick job. I need a pressure plate that is activated when a player is stepping on it or when they push a box onto it the pressure plate is activated and starts Tweening a part up. When the player or object is moved off the press plate that Part needs to tween back down (This will be for a gate) The button simply needs to be made so that when a player Pushes it a rope starts to get shorter and shorter. Please note these things need to be made a way I can copy and paste and have the scripts work.


(Please note that you will not be paid until all work is completed as agreed)
Payment will be USD
I’ll be paying 5$ for the pressure plate system and 5$ for the Rope System.


You can contact me on discord at ZoomCode#1089
You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


i am interested, i sent a friend request on discord. i actually have already done like this exact thing for an obby i never felt like finishing

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Alright I can do it. Sounds like a simple job, I sent you a discord request.

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Position Filled. Thank you for your time! (Requesting Lock)

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Can you add “[Closed]” text to the title? So people can know it is closed.

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