SimpleAdmin | A modern administration utility for your game!

Need help installing SimpleAdmin? Check out this video!

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I love this admin! Its extremely customizable and the support in discord is quick!

I often find it difficult to get a great balance between customizability and ease of use. This is a drag and drop admin that works out of the box with an extremely easy to navigate package system for adding your own commands and features.


Update 1.7.6 Alpha

+ Added feedback (reply messages) to various commands.
+ Added unwatch! You no longer need to do ':view me'
+ Added player tagging
    This means you can add tags to a player and execute commands on players with that tag. For example, ':tag crywink,bob,tom Training' will add the Training tag to the specified players. You can now execute a command like ':bring @Training' to bring crywink,bob,tom to you.
+ Added :tag/:addtag, :untag/:deltag/:removetag, :viewtags/:tags

! Packages are now ensured to load after all dependencies
! Fixed issue w/ serverlock kicking admins

This update came with player tagging, which I think is going to be very useful for any roleplay game during trainings, etc… that need to execute commands on a select group of players.
Example clip:


Just set it up - OML I LOVE IT.

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Hey, @crywink! Script looks amazing! However, I’d like to ask you a few questions! Please add me on Discord. spec!#1436

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Update 1.7.7 Alpha

+ Added :invisible & :visible commands
+ Added GlobalFlags dependency
+ Added Service.FindPlayerByDisplayName
+ Added Config.RankMessages (Allows you to customize join message for mod+)
+ Added Config.KickMessage (Allows you to customize kick messages)
+ Added Config.BanMessage (Allows you to customize ban messages)
+ Updated changelog

! Changed tag prefix to $
+ Added support for upcoming displaynames. If you'd like to execute a command on a player addressed by their displayname, please use @ followed by their displayname. E.g. @Sam

+ Added command flags! (Example: ':kill me --delay 5' will wait 5 seconds and kill you)
    - These flags can be command-specific or global and can be appended from packages as well.
    - I will make an announcement tomorrow explaining how you use them.

1.7.8 ships out a few new options for your configuration. SimpleAdmin will work just fine without the new options, but if you’d like to make use of them, just add loader and manually copy/paste the new options into your existing configuration. I will also post in #dev-announcements with a list of the new options that you can copy/paste instead. Having trouble? Open a support ticket and I’ll help you out.

Regarding displayname support, if you don’t know what DisplayName’s are, you can take a look at the developer forum post explaining how they’re going to work here: Say "Hello" to Display Names!

This update is not as feature-rich as the previous ones. I’m working on some special stuff behind the scenes that I think you’ll like :slight_smile: As always, I try my best to test each update thoroughly but sometimes I do miss things. If you experience any bugs, please feel free to open a ticket and let me know! Have a great night.


Hello, I was wondering if adding a mod/admin via a group role was on your to-do list.

For example, this would be great for roleplaying games and hotel/cafe groups, as it allows their MR+ (mods+) have admin if set up.
Another example would be like Basic Admin, in their settings module there is a section to set a moderator by their group role. This would be a major selling point for these types of groups, as some of them have thousands or hundreds of thosands of group members.

Hope this gets taken into concideration!

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You actually can do this with SimpleAdmin! We offer a large library of community-made packages that you can install to extend the functionality of your system, with one of them being a group rank package.

If you’re interested in any of the other packages we offer, feel free to join our Discord server or check out this unofficial package center made by a member of our community.

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Thank you!

You have definitely helped. I will be recommending this admin. So simple. :laughing:

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Update 1.7.8 Alpha

- Removed the random print("t")
! Fixed tagging (You can now use commands like :kill $tag)
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Question: is there game pass config options and if so can you set it for just fun commands and not Abusable ones.

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Yep! If you’d like, you can join our Discord server and I can help you out.

I’ll join if I need help I think I’ll be able to handle it

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I definitely recommend SimpleAdmin! One of its biggest advantages, which I greatly appreciate, over other admin systems is its packages functionality and that it’s not cluttered with useless commands which hardly any of the serious developers are going to use. Overall, an excellent admin system, good job!


Highly recommend this admin as it is very customizable and leaves out the commands you don’t need that are “fun”. If you want those commands? There are packages for it.

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I wouldn’t use this because I’ve already got adonis. BUT the guis are amazing, and for that reason, I’m going for sure use it.
But they break when the player dies.
Edit: you should also be able to add catagories, and add guis like the troll gui. With custom command buttons in them.
Edit2: Suggestion: log specific commands with a webhook and a commandran function to go along with it.

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Hello , to be honest this is the best admin panel I have ever seen… I highly recommend it and in my opinion it’s even better than HD admin ( nothing personal )

Conclusion : Simple Admin is a great and modern admin panel

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If you join our Discord, you can view our full package list. We have packages that can do everything you’re asking about.

Hm…for some reason the packages aren’t working for me. Just the base commands, and only for my large game.
And there’s no errors.
Edit: it’s just the more trolls UI, and anything I customize based around it.

Hey I love the admin, I recommend you make a list of updates in #bulletin-board and link it in the topic header so it’s easier to navigate.