Simpler posting and commenting UI

Across the entire ROBLOX website the above image is present. After posting on forums, updating your status and commenting on games the website tells you the time and date of the post.

The problem is that I have never paid any attention to this at all. This is because it’s not my timezone and it’s more effort than it should be for users to work out the time in their timezone as well as working out the time it has been since posted.

This information is definatly not being used as much as it should because of how inefficient it is.

To improve I suggest having the information displayed in a format similar to:

2 Minutes since posted by Crykee (GMT)

5 days since posted by BobbyJr (EST)

The ‘timezone abbreviation’ would represent the timezone of the user looking at the posts, not the poster’s timezone.

This would make a lot more sense and provide easier communication when you know if someone has been recently active and therefore more likely to reply.

The only problem I can think of when adding this feature is that users wouldn’t know the exact time something was posted. This could be fixed by allowing the player to click on it for it to then switch to the exact time. But I can’t think of too many situations where you’d need to do this?


What’s the point of having your own time zone displayed? Other than that, I agree. Or just update it so it displays the correct time for your timezone.

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In my opinion, the entire commenting system needs an overhaul. This would be a good start though.

If the timezone was wrong for whatever reason the user wouldn’t easily realize it. This way they’d always be reassured that the time it was running off of was correct for them. But yeah, it is a little unnecessary apart from that.