SIMULATOR GFX! (feedback)


It’s Pretty good and smooth but you might need to give the robloxians some shadows.

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there are shadows sir. its just bright so you can really see it.

It looks okay, the scaling is a bit off. The way you lit the characters doesn’t really fit the scenery either. The character in the back seems off and maybe they’re not lit correctly.

I also think the background is a bit too over-exposed or maybe the shadow aren’t that noticeable but I can tell it’s there.

Good job for the effort though, I’m proud!!

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I can see them but their lacking. it’s like you are lighting them with a harsh UV sun

It looks nice, but the posing, perspective and scaling are a bit uneven. Also as others said it looks bright.
The posing looks a bit unnatural especially the girl in the background. The perspective maybe can be fixed a bit by giving the boy character a shadow to give an illusion of perspective. Other than that nice work!

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It looks very nice man, but the “Lasrox” in the middle of the gfx is a bit bad, try to put it in a corner, give some shadows to the robloxians and the NEW! put like a red background in the new.
and add the title.