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About Me

Hi, I’m Visually. I’ve been developing on roblox for over 2 years! I have been making and helping people with games in my time. As of right now I mainly script simulators, but can script other stuff if you ask me.


I have created and helped with a few games here is my current project(Will fill up as more people hire me!)

You can also see other games I have worked on at my profile:

Projects I have hepled with:


Minigame Rush(Currently shut down for heavy rework)


Normally most of all day, though I have 3/3 people limit for commissions, since I am only human and have other matters to attend to as well. On weekends I am not able to work sunday, but will try to reply to your request.


Full Simulator: Depends on how complex, it can range from 1k- 10k, but prices are negotiable

Rebirth System: 300 Robux

Full item shop: 600 Robux

Data Save System: 800-1.5k, Depends on what i’m saving

Things I can’t do yet:

Currently, I can’t make trading systems but am in the process of learning how to do so, I can’t do inventory systems as well yet, but will be able to do so very soon. Also, please don’t ask me to build maps. I don’t have any intention to build things for people yet.


Anything is appropriate, as long as it’s not NSFW content, I also have the right to decline a request any given moment if either not abiding by roblox TOS, or for another reason.


Well, something I have been working on is GFX design, I need some time to learn photopea before I can do that though. As of right now I am most comfortable scripting simulator based things, but if you do need anything else, feel free to ask and I will see if I can do it.


You can contact me through Devforms, Roblox account, or discord
Here is my tag: Itz_Visually#9215

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Busy Commissions:

0/3, Updates as I accept more work.


Simply just looking at your prices: I would seriously raise them. A lot of the cheaper stuff could easily go for a lot more.

Thanks, I do need some advice for the prices, since I’m new to this :grinning: