Simulator Spawn Opinions

So basically, I made like a spawn for one of my upcoming simulator games called “Throwing Simulator”

The spawn is like 20% done, so what are your thoughts so far?


You could turn the middle statue into a fountain, with particles and beams to show it.


You could possibly make another smaller circle surrounding the fountain and a few pathways connecting the two circular pathways? (So it would almost look like a steering wheel with the statue in the middle. This could also help the player recognize that this is the main area that they should be in.

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I really do not know if your going medieval or a low poly style. I was really thinking you would add a little mist and some paths connecting too the fountain. The blue mist would be a little kind of flare not too much but enough too see the blue fog/mist.

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Well, this spawn lacks a lot of detail. Maybe add some more decor like rocks?

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