Simulator with pets - game ideas?

I’ve not long ago been pretty succesful with a clicker game that includes pets. Clearly pets seem to work but i CANNOT think of any game idea that is unique that i can include pets as i own a pet system and it seems to attract users.

Before you come at me “Simulators are bad idea” blah blah. Ive made alot of money this last month so i dont see them as dieing. I would just like some help with some ideas that would be unique to the genre.

None. Simulators use pets like 90% of the times, as they fit the genre and because people see it as common. You don’t put pets in a FPS game and expect it to work. You need to keep in mind a certain level of “ordinary” in a sims game, because people are inclined and used to that. If your going for a sims game, then I don’t think there is any substitute for pets. Is either you do or you dont.

Yeah im asking for a simulator idea. I know that pets do not work in a FPS game,

If that’s what you’re asking then mind re-wording your title and description. I assumed it had to do with pets. Try to search before. Search results for 'simulator ideas' - Developer Forum | Roblox