Sinbadxfan05's builder and basic scripter portfolio

About me:

Hi, I’m Sinbadxfan05 aka DoubleC aka eLectrogEniX(don’t mind multiple online nicknames lol) I’ve been around on roblox for around 2 years now(this wasn’t my first account) and I started out as a builder a bit more then a year ago. Currently a few weeks ago I also started easier scripting, so I can do little things related to that as well(I have done other programming languages earlier in my life, so I can think the correct way only don’t know about all the functions etc.)

Until now, I’ve been builder in multiple projects(mostly my own ones) and they didn’t actually get finished, but there’s some nice low-poly building to be seen, also I have a little failed project that I now use as showcase for my more detailed building(I enjoy low poly more)

If you’d like to see my low-poly builds, go here(I will add more soon):
If you’d like to see my higher poly buildings I made a few months ago(I will maybe also add more to this list later):

Currently I’m growing my Roblox lua skill on the making of a randomized obby game inspired on tower of hell, you can test that here:


I can do very small builds for friendly and nice people for free sometimes, I also work for robux (group funds and t-shirt in my group are both okay) and at last, I also accept payments via paypal. My prices aren’t very high at the moment :slight_smile:

You can contact me using pm/dm here on devforum, you can contact me on discord: eLectrogEniX#8654 or you can email me to

I hope you liked it, if I forgot any part for in my portfolio, feel free to tell me in the replies :wink: