Since copyright removal of my experience I can't change any experiences from Private to Public

  • Detailed description of bug;
    I had an Experience with the name “Formula One” in the title which got removed due to copyright strike. I was unaware that name was copyrighted but I understand the reason for the strike. I removed the name from my Experience and then ended up removing that content entirely. However, since the strike I am unable to change ANY of my Experiences from Public to Private or Private to Public. I can find no explanation of this in the documentation provided by Roblox about a copyright strike. I am unsure that this is even a bug, but since Roblox hasn’t documented this as a ‘penalty’ to someone who gets a copyright strike against them I can only assume it’s an issue with the website not allowing me to change my Public/Private status.
  • Where the bug happens (be specific); On my Create page I can go to each of my places and change them from Public to Private and that setting will stay however I set it, but it does not change the places status on my Profile page.
  • When it started happening; Since the strike, 3 months ago.
  • Screenshots and videos of the bug;
    This is my Create page. Notice I’ve only got Public Experiences showing at the moment.

    This is my Profile page. Experiences don’t show up here as Public or Private as the Settings are configured on my Create page. Notice that ‘Just some shtuff’ isn’t set as Public on my Create page. I haven’t had it Public in months.

    If this is part of the penalty for having a copyright strike against my account I do understand, but please make this information available to people so we are able to understand what the heck is going on.
    I’ve tried replying directly to the email I received from Roblox about the copyright strike, but didn’t get any helpful answers in the replies I got back.

I might be misunderstanding, but are you referring to literally having it on your profile? AFAIK there’s no way to directly play an experience off of the profile page anymore.

You may have to manually set this option (Add to Profile + Remove from Profile) via all of your experiences … menus:

For whatever reason, this is how you add/remove experiences from your profile visually. Public/private only means if a user can (or can’t) play an experience when they’re on the experience page.

If this is the case, I assume a copyright removal probably messes with however the public/private + display info is stored.


So wait, if I make a place Public it won’t go on my Profile anymore?
Seems strange and counterintuitive.

You seem to be correct though. I searched my Tracked Vehicle game in Experiences and it shows up, but it isn’t in my Profile. So now it has to get manually added to my Profile?
I can’t say this seems to be normal if that is what is occurring.