Since i cant script at all, heres my go at car suspension!

the springs themselves are just bodygyros on a wedge. the gyro wants to be upright, and as a result it acts as a sort of spring when its on an angle and given power. i can adjust the ride height of these vehicles by making this incline on the suspension arm greater or less. there’s uneven double wishbone upfront with a lateral link to keep it from wobbling too wildly. in the rear there is even link double wishbone with a swaybar connecting both sides. the swaybars do the job of lateral location in the back, which is why the lateral links aren’t necessary. for steering, there is none. :X i cant script and although i know how to do steering and differential steering geometry, i cant script anything to make anything i make work. it’s therefore just done by roblox’s vehicle seat. to get power to the wheels theres a double u joint at every corner, which the ends of which the vehicle seat powers.

heres the model:

they actually work in play mode with the new physics. they won’t work at all with the old physics. they’ll explode very promptly. if i could get steering a cool racing series could be possible. i already have 1 track i made.


Careful there! Looks like there’s an “AntiLag” virus script in the “Misc. Chassis” model inside the main “SSNP” model.

I love your work though. I’m always so impressed by what you’re able to make with the default joints alone.

ill clean that out and update it

I had a hard time turning with these cars

Amazing work! I’m amazed at how well this works, as well as all the work you’ve put into this. I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

For the steering, I don’t think there’s a way to do it without scripting. I’d solve it by using two Motor instances, and I’ll gladly write a script that does this for you.

I’ve made my own attempt at a suspension, and although it seems to work a little better, it’s scripted and not nearly as impressive. Quick look at it, though:

yeah turning is hard at low speed.

if you would be willing to script it i could build a system that works on 1 motor for you and then post the model.