Singapore Airlines | Clothing Designers Needed | Open

Hello! We are Singapore Airlines! We are a new airline on Roblox who are hiring devs before we start operations. We are looking for a clothing designer, or even better, designers to create our staff uniforms.

6 months of experience required.

We are looking for designers to create uniforms. Here’s what we need.
Note, we would love if you took 5 minutes to also loom at Singapore Airlines uniforms on Google.
-Male Cabin Crew
-Male Cabin Crew (Tux Off)
-Female Cabin Crew
-Airport Staff
-Ground Crew
-Air Traffic Control
-First Officer

We will pay 75-125 Robux each asset. Tax will be included.

Contact us on discord at callmehSpear#0001
You must be 13 or older.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Still hiring…


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I sent You a friend request on discord.

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Wait, are you the guy who wanted to script for free?

Yes I was. I hope you accept. Sorry

I am looking for clothing designers not scripters.

Cot everyone:
Would help if you are applying to have premium

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