Sinking Ship Simulator: July 8th Update Log

Hello everyone! Here’s the update log for phase 1 of the July update for Sinking Ship Simulator. We aim to enter beta and make the game free to play by the end of the month.


  • Drowning. You now have limited air (oxygen) before you start to drown.
  • Brand new interaction system.
  • New environment changes (fog, water waves etc.)
  • Major framework required for upcoming updates laid.
  • Invitation page added.
  • All tool icons redesigned.
  • All gamepass and badge icons redesigned.
  • Other minor updates.


  • You can no longer glitch into the seats through the walls (due the new interaction system).
  • Critical bug related to the sinking was fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Lighting decreased, should now be more appealing to the eye.
  • All GUIs redesigned.
  • Interactable GUIs no longer overlap, they hide if you open a new one.
  • All seats and tables no longer collide.
  • Increased game security.
  • Quest-system temporarily disabled.
  • Leaderboard temporarily disabled.
  • Other changes to improve performance in general.