Sinking Ship Simulator: May 8th Update Log

Hello everyone! Here’s the update log for the May 8th update.


  • Water now takes damage if your head are under (requested feature)
  • Early support for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Key to the lighthouse hidden somewhere in the map. With the key you can go into the lighthouse, where the goat which awards you a badge is located.
  • Lightning technology switched to Voxel, adjustments to lighting every have been done. If you spot any weird lightning contact me personally on the Developer Forum, Roblox or Discord (Tor#1329).
  • Custom loading screen (still work in progress)
  • Promotional code system, will be used later on.
  • New radio gui and new scripts.


  • Loader was published too early causing players not to be able to load into the game, now fixed.
  • Buy button on the game pass signs no longer stretched.
  • Adjustments to the ship spawning script, more smooth and less laggy.
  • You can no longer go into the NPC booths.
  • Changes to the teleport mechanism.
  • Badge awarding rescripted.
  • Detail fixes to “M/S Color Viking”.
  • Sinking time for “M/S Seawind” increased by 50 seconds.
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