[Sinle Player Mode only for now] Mafia

Multiplayer mode is not set up, nor is there code for. I might do it eventually…
@GuestCapone: You are set up as the current host. I can change it if you do not want to be the host. I thought you best fit the name than other names.

Remember that game called Mafia… you played with a large group of people?
Ya, made a version on Roblox. :swag:
Developed in 2 days, and is about 450 lines of code.

Why I made this: http://developer.roblox.com/forum/lounge/10944-forum-game-mafia

Edit: Single-player is 99% locally handled. 6 lines of codes are server sides to remove characters.

I’m going to see the place when I get home.

Hopefully this doesn’t cause any problems in the mob community… Doubt it will. I’ll make sure to check this out when I get home!