Sir Iron GFX Showcase/Portfolio

About Me

My tag is Sir_Iron, and I am here to showcase and offer my ability as a GFX artist. I am fairly new and inexperienced with commissioned work, but every day I sit at my computer and I learn something new.


My portfolio is here (may be outdated) : Portfolio

Here is my most recent work


I am available every single day, typically 16 hours a day.


Prices are negotiable but usually cheap, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. I accept USD or Robux (group payouts)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum via Twitter at: or via Discord at Sir#2379

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Edit: There was a thread quite a while ago about my work not being mine… The necessary adjustments and clarifications have been made on the portfolio. If not stated, all work is 100% mine


mostly everything in your portfolio isn’t yours though
you’re just showing minor color corrections and putting free models into super simple lightrooms

don’t take this as a jab, just telling you that you should try to make more original content - or if you have then just showcase that

I appreciate your comment, I don’t want to tell you you’re completely wrong, as you’re definitely not. Only 1/3 of the whole portfolio is using models I didn’t make, I don’t think that counts as mostly everything.

13/22 of all those works has a major subject that you didn’t make. Guns, anime girls, mountain presets, abstract models, backgrounds, and the like.

My only point is that you shouldn’t advertise stuff you can’t deliver if asked to do specifics that can’t be found in free online resources.
Looking at tutorials and following them is fine, we all do that and its encouraged, but then posting it in your portfolio with minuet differences from the video isn’t too awesome.

Granted, you aren’t really trying to take credit for stuff that isn’t yours but you should try making this stuff your own and filtering out some stuffo from your portfolio.

Apologies if I’m coming off as mean, this actually probably would be better on DMs

“Only thing I see is that you can follow a tutorial dude” is not really something that can be said about one person in the industry. Everyone learns from a tutorial and everything stems from personal research or a tutorial. I could easily say the same thing about your work that just includes character models and particles…

Hey keep up the good work, there is no need for that guy to be so rude. Everyone starts off from making their stuff from tutorials or the wiki, even scripters will learn from tutorials for the basics.

Thanks man, I understand where hes coming from, and I still value his opinion since hes a well known designer. I really appreciate that you took the time to check the thread out and give feed back :grinning:.