Siting in my own game in roblox

can i make money from siting in my own game in roblox with permium?
I try to find out but i get robuxs comeing in all the time so i cannot tell if it from me or someone else

and how long to a player have to sit in the game?

It wouldn’t be worth it, as you don’t get enough robux from payouts as compared to the 450 you get monthly.


Honestly, trying to do this is pointless.
The only way you could make even alittle bit of income from doing this would take a few weeks, nearing a month to gain any sort of income from it.
I’d suggest you try to build a player base if you’re trying to get payouts.

No, you won’t make any profit really. Roblox knows people would have tried to farm their own games for payouts so they added measures to prevent that.


You cannot premium farm your own game. Premium pay outs only can be earned by players which do not have builder permissions for the game. Honestly though, I thought this post has been made before


There is really no point. Roblox knows that people would try and do that.
You’d just be wasting your time, you’d only get single digits.
It’s just pointless.

k thanks
and no this post is not on the forum maybe the original post was deleted

K thanks I was just wondering and yes you right I need a bigger player base about 2 people join a day.