Sitting Animation Activation Script

Hello scripters, I am writing in regards to a question I have about animation. I am not sure if this post belongs here, but there isn’t an animation help category.

So, I was wondering how to script a chair so that when a player sat down in it, a sit animation would run. Such as the animations in “Vibe Cafe”. I have no scripting experience whatsoever so I am wondering how this is done. Do I just insert the animation id somewhere in the chair model? I’m not sure at all, so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! ~Spy

Something like this. Put this inside the startercharacterscripts.

local hum = script.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
if hum then
	hum.Parent.Animate.sit.SitAnim.AnimationId = ""
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Thanks! Ill try it out and let you know! :slight_smile: