SixFlags & more after RDC

A few of us are planning to head down to Six Flags and Great America the days following RDC. We were wondering if anyone would be interested in joining us? It’d be awesome to get a group of 15+ people as it means you can get solid discounts on tickets.

Here’s a brief outline of the plan so far…

Monday 12th - Great America


  • Single: $42 (pre-book online) or $60 (at-the-gate)
  • Group of 15+ - $34 per person
    + some additional $$$ for that hidden tax america loves to add


  • VTA railway/busses ~ 2 hours
  • Other busses ~ 2 hours
  • Uber/drive ~ 1 hour

Park open between 10AM - 6PM so it’d be an early morning if we want to make the most of the day.

Tuesday 13th - Six Flags


  • Single: $47 (pre-book online) or $70 (at-the-gate)
  • Group of 10+ - $40 per person
  • Group of 15+ - $37 per person


Greyhound busses run between San Francisco and Vallejo for $10. Takes about an hour and a half each way. We’ll aim to leave about 9 and get to the park for 11 when it opens.

Additional notes

  • I originally mentioned doing Six Flags first, but only just realised Great America is closed from 13th and onwards so we’ve had to flip the days.
  • We’re also looking to AirBnb to cut down the costs of accomodation if anyone’s interested: Staying Longer in the Bay Area


If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know in the poll below, then I’ll invite everyone to a server in a few weeks time where we can arrange tickets and other details.

  • Both Days
  • Only Great America
  • Only Six Flags
  • Not going, but wanted to vote

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Both California’s Great America and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom are great fun! I got to visit both of them last year. Definitely be there when Six Flags opens and head for the back section of the park because it starts off quiet but queue times build up steadily.


Sweet, glad you had a good time! I’m usually with you and head straight to the back of the park, but I’m pretty sure all the big rides for DK are at the front of the park, so I half want to tackle those first before their lines blow up.


I mean, the front of the park really is the back of the park because of their park setup. Take a look at the park map and you’ll see that after you enter you end up in the middle/back.


I love Magic Mountain, but I’ve never been to the other Six Flags. One of my favorite experiences was going there after eighth grade. Now I wish I went to RDC so I could go.


I’m actually really looking forwards to going ! Hope to see as many people there possible :tongue:


yes please count me in :slight_smile:

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No problem! Just leave a vote in one of these and you’ll be added to the list:

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It would be really cool visiting both Great America and Six Flags. Unfortunately I have school the days you go so I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t come :frowning:


I’m interested in going but I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters. To those who know: What else is there to do at these parks besides roller coasters and vomit-y rides? Though, to be honest, I’d still love to go just to hang out even if there isn’t much stuff I’d like at the parks.

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Tons of stuff, of course roller coasters are the main attraction… there are boardwalk games and tons of smaller rides that are for non- roller coaster people.

Also your friends and fellow developers to hang out with during lunch and while walking around.


Wish I could go to rdc but can’t was a cool idea tho I would have loved to do this if I could go to Cali but I’m east coast

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Love Six Flags, it’s a great memory of my childhood. I still love all the rides there and it’s still loads of fun! But at the moment I’m not very fond of roller coasters, especially the ones that make you go upside down.

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I seriuosly don’t know what a boardwalk game is. Can you please explain?

If I remember correctly, it is a game played on the board walk… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Like… Carnival type games???


This is going to be a nice addition to the post-RDC experience! Developers can have fun at Six Flags, and they can hangout with each other.


Is it possible that you guys might consider before RDC for something like Six Flags? I would love to join you guys but I sadly have to be back home by the 12th D:

I suggest thinking about the San Francisco to Vallejo Ferry. Only $14 and should give great views of the bay.

Also no chance of traffic jams.

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I wouldn’t really recommend Six Flags in Vallejo, it’s really old and the prices are really high. I would recommend Six Flags - Water World, in Concord.

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