SizeConstraint values different from default cause issues when resizing through UI Editor

If the SizeConstraint of a UI element is set to RelativeXX or RelativeYY when resizing with the UI Editor, the UI element is scaled as if it still had RelativeXY set as its SizeConstraint. This only happens when you resize the UI element. You can move it around all you want without it becoming distorted.

I have tried restarting Studio, I even went as far as reinstalling it. But even after everything this still continues to happen. Which forces me to resize the UI element by entering the Scale and Offset manually, which is tedious.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a UI element (can be anything: Frames, Buttons, TextLabels, etc)
  2. Set the SizeConstraint to RelativeXX or RelativeYY.
  3. Resize using the UI Editor.


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