SizzleBurger - 11/2/20 Update Log

SizzleBurger Game Update 11/2/20

This week’s game update includes some small new additions to the map and more!

Play the game here!

Removal of Halloween Update!

Halloween has come to an unfortunate end, so we have removed the items from our special Halloween update. This includes the removal of the ghost and nightmare burgers, our power outage special event, Halloween decorations/music, and we have finally made it daytime again! However, we have decided to keep the fall theme in the game. We hope the community enjoyed this special holiday update, and we hope to do more updates like this in the future!

New Break Room!

Need a quick break from working? Now you can utilize our new break room, which serves as an area only staff members can access! This new room is located in the basement.

Redesigned Menu

The menu above the registers has been redesigned by SilverAuthority. Check it out!

Brownie Obsession Change

Instead of the Brownie Obsession being auto-completed when taken from the fridge and put in a basket, you now also have to add the vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and cherry manually!

Release Information

Release Date: Monday, November 2nd, 2020
Release Time: 9:00 PM ET
Platforms: PC, Tablet, Phone

We hope you enjoy the update, and let us know what you think of it in our chat server! If you come across any issues after release, please be sure to contact a senior administrator or our programmer, popeeyy. Now stop reading this update log, and go play the game!