SizzleChicken | Training Guide

SizzleChicken | Training Guide

You must DM a Senior Corporate to claim a training in #training-schedule .

Each section the trainee gets correct is to be rewarded with 1 point. Each order they get correct is also to be rewarded with 1 point.

The Host and Co-Host should join the training centre 30 minutes before the training starts.

The Trainers and Helpers should join 20 minutes before the training starts.

The Host should assign trainees to a specific group and assign staff members to the specific role they desire while helping at training.

Points are given out every section.

Role requirements:

Assistant/Helper: Staff Assistant+ (Not mandatory, used for new MRs and when there are enough trainers…)

Trainer: MR+

Co Host: BOD+

Host: CSO+

Ranker: BOE+ (DM one with the usernames if not online)

You cannot join until the host announces the session.

MRs+ must have proof of attendance and log it in #activity-logs


[TRAINING] Training will be hosted at (TIME). LRs, come to the Training Centre for a chance to get promoted.

[TRAINING] Training has now been s-locked. Sorry if you couldn’t make it.

[TRAINING] Training has concluded. Why not come down to SizzleChicken Restaurant and order from our workers?


1 Host. (HR+)

1 Co-Host. ( HR+)

Trainer A (Supervisor+)

Trainer B (Supervisor+)

Trainer C (Supervisor+)

It is preferred to have as many helpers as there are to trainers.

There may only be a limit to 2 Overseers.


  • m Welcome to the (time) Training session, I am your host, (name).

  • m Today, your trainers and I will be guiding you to become a more efficient worker, If you show independence. If you seem experienced enough we will reward you with points, or allow you to skip a level! When you hit a certain amount of points, you will get a promotion.

  • m Please be silent as my Co-Host announces the rules.

NOTE: The m is used in announcing.


  • m Hello! I am your co-host, [username] . I suggest you take a mental note for what I am about to announce, as all of the following is vital to your success.
  • m Listen to staff that are ranked above you, and all staff in general. Do not hint towards passing, as it will only lead to failure.
  • m Please channel your attention towards whoever is speaking.
  • m Say PTS when you have a question, and your Trainer will help you. Do not troll or exploit, this may result in a ban or kick, regarding how bad the situation was.
  • m Do not ask why you failed, or argue with your Trainer.
  • m Do not be frustrated, if you have failed, there are training sessions hosted IV times a day!
  • m You are to use grammar at ALL TIMES. Failure to do so will result in a grammar strike. If you receive lll grammar strikes, you are automatically out.
  • m If you correct yourself before your trainer does, the grammar strike will not be distributed.
  • m That’s it for explaining. Trainers, you may now take your designated trainees.

Take the trainees to the area on the right of the host stand.


  • Hello! My name is (USERNAME)! I will be training you all today.

  • We will begin the training session with greetings. Greetings are what you say when a customer comes up to you.

  • The main thing in this section is grammar.

  • As you know, if you do not include grammar in your greeting, a grammar strike will be handed out.

  • A good greeting consists of an introduction to SizzleChicken, your name/nickname, and a friendly greeting.

  • Before we start, does anyone have questions? I expect a verbal response from all of you.

If not, continue.

  • We will now begin! We will now come up to you and ask for your greetings.


  • We will now move onto our trolling section.