SizzleDasher | Affiliate Handbook


About Us: SizzleDasher is an upcoming establishment within the community of Roblox. It all begins with our hard-working Trainees behind the counters who try their hardest to Satisfy every customer; while well trained high ranked employees supervise and command the group. You may expect excellent work from SizzleDasher’s employees.


If your group does meet SizzleDashers requirements you may now move onto the Application portion, we ask you to make a google doc for convenience. Once your Application is complete send it to Kaleb#0001!

  • Your group must have 5000+ non-botted active members to allyThis text will be hidden with SizzleDasher.

  • There must be a professional and active communications server.

  • The community must be willing to work with us and obtain a substantial amount of respect towards our group.

  • Your group needs to have a good reputation.

  • Your group needs to be somehow related to SizzleDasher. If it isn’t a Restaurant, Cafe, or something closely related your application will most likely be denied.

  • There must be 2 representatives.

  • Please, describe your group!

  • What qualities do your group possess?

  • If given the opportunity to ally with us, how would your group be beneficial?

  • Please include group and communication links.

  • Who will represent your group? Please provide contact information for your representatives.