Skinned mesh accuracy lost after saving Roblox to file

We have models importing from Maya using skinned meshes and the Custom avatar importer. Most are working well, however, the tail of this model appears to break apart after saving the Roblox file and reloading.

It feels like the Roblox file format loses some precision and the skinned mesh is no-longer accurate.

Before saving, everything looks good as expected:

After saving: (Save to File, Exit studio, reopen the file)

This has been driving us crazy! It was even worse before so we tried remodelling the tail in Maya, it “changed” a little bit, but is still broken.

Note - The upper and lower parts of the tail are different mesh parts for customization of colors. Same with the segments down the tail.

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Thanks for reporting this, do you have the original maya or fbx file we can use to reproduce this? Feel free to message me privately.