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Sky High Productions is a Roblox group trying to bring great games to the community for all to enjoy! (12) Sky High Productions. - Roblox

The Job
As of right now, we have no game in mind. I want to hire the dev team first and then we can all brainstorm our ideas and combine them all into one.

The Team
@DailyPlayedRoblox - Director, UI Designer.


  • 15+ In age
  • On Discord Platform
  • 2+ Years of experience
  • Portfolio
  • Motivated
  • Professional

Payment will consist of Robux, percentage, and even USD.
As I don’t have a game in mind YET, I do not have an exact amount of what pay will look like. (I will NOT make developers work with no pay)


Pigeon#3357 on Discord.

Any questions leave a comment.

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