Sky Overhaul Suggestion


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to change the color of the sky in Studio, except via skybox, and I will explain why that is an issue.

I believe this hampers the potential of game setting, because it leaves you with two options. You must have a generic Roblox sky, which is either blue or black, according to time of day. Or, you must go through the specialized hassle of creating a custom skybox which will freeze your game’s time, and which (to my knowledge) not many people can create effectively. The ability to change the color, or even more specifically, the color sequence (like on a ParticleEmitter) of the sky would allow a developer to easily push their game into a different world, with its own unique sky colors fading in at each time of day (sunrise, day, sunset, night, etc.). This idea isn’t designed to replace the classic skyboxes, but even to improve them, as skyboxes do add a lot to Roblox, especially if made slightly transparency sliders were added also to work alongside a sky-coloring functionality.

I hope that such changes could be considered, to allow Future Is Bright, and Roblox development to shine even brighter!

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