Skyhigh is hiring! 3D Modelers + Building Engineers!

Skyhigh is now hiring!

About Us

Hi there! We are skyhigh studios! A small team of devs looking for great success! A great part of skyhigh is our amazing 3d modelers / Building engineers. The team decided to get some new set of minds apart of our team, and we are looking for talented 3d modelers/ Low-poly builders to come work with us!
The Team
1lulie: map Builder
shayan7863: scripter
Nacho: 3d modler/Builder
3d modeler: Open

About The Job

We are looking for great low-poly designers to help with the development of this game! We currently have slots open for people to help create some amazing 3D Meshes! Along with spots open for some poeple to help create cool low-poly maps! When you show your work please show low poly builds and at best you need to be able to create low-poly lab builds.

You can see our progress so far here:


We are paying R$ per asset. Our preferred payment method is R$ and prices will be negotiated through dms.

Contact Us

You can contact us on the twitter link posted, but we recommend you send us a discord dm.

Hope we can see you apart of our team! - xRed_Developer
Discord: Red_Dev#2020


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