SkyKurr | Music Composing Portfolio [Open]

About Me

Hello and welcome to my Composing Portfolio! My name is SkyKurr and I am a accomplished Programmer and Composer here on Roblox. My experience comes from many sources and many groups. Currently I am only doing Composing since I am too backed up with programming.

With my music I always try to incorporate meaning into that piece of music like a story, for that is what music was meant to do. As you will see with my work down there it will show meaning and emotion except for the background music. When you listen, listen for the different sounds at different times which will tell you the mood in the music.

When people talk to me about how easy music is to make I will give them a lecture. Music takes a lot of time and effort to get it right. For music is an art but only the experienced will find that piece of art in the project. When I take music I will listen to your request and take it as a serious piece of work so I can get it done. For you will be paying me for something good not bad.

Also if you work with me you will find I am a really chill and relaxed dude. I am there to help you not to help myself so I will go in VC and do whatever is needed to get the task done. At the same time I will work as hard as possible to get the job done as said before. For I will accept all requests that come to me.

I use SoundTrap to do all my music on. This is a free program to make music on or you could pay to have higher quality music which is what I do. I pay $15 a month to use Soundtrap.



I am available everyday except Thursday. Usually it will take me 1 to 2 days to complete the project, for it depends on the length and the day. I am usually very flexible with deadlines for it to be done. But I am usually free in the afternoons not the mornings. I am in Eastern Standard Time.


My payment system works like this:
2k - One minute
3k - Two minutes
4k - Three Minutes
5k - Five minutes
7k - 7 Minutes


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: SkyKurr#9748


Your work is amazing. Good luck with finding work.

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Would you be interested in doing a bundle, such as three, three min sounds for 10k?


Having number 7 instead of the word is driving me nuts ;-;

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That piano piece is genius, looking forward to hearing more stuff from you.

Thanks for all the great feedback guys. I’m always free if anyone needs anything.

I commissioned SkyKurr today to make ambient music for a game to the likeness of the Last of Us and wanted him to make similar ambient music, and he pulled it off brilliantly. Very quick work, quality work, and very reasonable price.

Highly recommend

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Great overall work! Just watch out for voice-leading and harmony mistakes, noticeable in the Piano Piece; at 0:53, 1:16, 1:24 and many other places. The error is when the chord of the melody does not match the harmony. Say for example in the Key of E-Flat Major: I am playing melody in the V chord of B-Flat in the soprano, but the Bass, Tenor, and Alto is playing a G-Flat Chord, diatonic Seventh of B Major or something, they are obviously not going to match. Each Chord in a progression has three tones for a triad, four for a seventh, and so on. I don’t mean to rant on, but it is a common mistake.

Thanks for the feedback! Always trying to improve.

SkyKurr produced some awesome music for my game Sweet Tooth. Thanks a lot man!

May I ask is it ALL custom? (30Char)

Yes all of my music is custom.

SkyKurr caused me a loss,

but could be bigger if I had paid the full amount. I paid him 50% before starting work, but nothing else promises, and after a while he began to ignore me. If you are considering hiring him, be careful. My experience was not good. I have only received one preview sound so far but it has been 8 days since the agreed completion date.

I had hired him to make an RPG sound that I would give to a friend, and I didn’t expect to go through this situation. This is just my experience with SkyKurr.

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