Skyward Softwork Hiring!

About Us

Hey there we are skyWard SoftWorks and i am hiring!

The Team
@Me - scripter/builder/modeler
@you - scripter
@Ui - @wobleh

About The Job

I am looking for a professional scripter that can make things like item placement that cost money or more so. and also knows Npc’s well and much more other stuff i am not looking for people that are skilled but know nothing about Npc’s or you should know more in tycoons basically what i am saying but if you know more in any other its fine too i guess.

i do not expect this too go more than 1 month or more so and if you are advanced this should not be very hard for you.


i am paying in percentages because i wanting to put all my robux into ads which i do believe the game will do well not like simulators that have a big chance of dying.

Contact Us

you must be 13 year old to apply
Must have past work or portfolio (reason is i am not going to waste my time testing you and the next day you quit like most people do)
must be very active ( i do not want to see you joining the team and after even 5 hours or a day you will quit saying you are having family issues or more something YOU MUST KNOW IF YOUR GOING TO BE BUSY OR SO.)
serious person only.
Discord: LuckIsBad#5045

Thanks for reading.
For more info message me on dev forum or on discord add me.

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