Slight issue with a ParticleEmitter

im working on a relatively basic water particle, but my goal is achieving a more realistic look with the water particle, it starting as a clear jet, then slowly dividing into smaller droplets (pictures below)

as you can see, the particle on the left starts out a little weird; the particles don’t form a clear jet, they just separate in a very weird way. MY GOAL is something like the particle on the right; as you can see, I drew a white line over it which represents the look I’m going for… i desperately need help !!

i have tried out multiple solutions, discord servers, sites, etc. but to no avail. the only reason I assume this issue takes place is the usage of the “speed” property, but its absolutely necessary in my case


Hello, yeolvi!

First and foremost, you can’t exactly keyframe the spread feature of the ParticleEmitter. But, there’s a easy way to work around this problem. To do this, you have to duplicate (ctrl + d) the ParticleEmitter and keyframe the transparency. Making it completely transparent at the start to non-transparent at the end of the cycle. Secondly, turn down the lifetime of the non-duplicated particle, to make it shorter (You might have to play with the settings a little to make it comfortable.) Lastly, you have to play around with the spread of the duplicated ParticleEmitter, and finally you should be finished!

Your Final Product, Should Look Like This:

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this does, in fact, seem incredibly helpful! i will be trying it out later, but I do trust that this will be somewhat effective; I really appreciate it!! thank you

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