Slots closing soon Simulator Game!

slots are closing soon be sure to apply or the slots will be closed!
slots closing at 7 applications currently have 5 applications!

About Us

Hello! i am hiring people to make a simulator! the game is closely very closely like bee swarm simulator in fact based on it! but there are tons of differences!

The Team

@Me - Owner/Manager – i would not be earning any percentages!
@You - lead scripter/co owner --should be confident on scripting simulators.
@You - modeler/map builder – should be confident on building things like bee swarm.
@You - UI – should be able to make simulator type cartoony UI
@You - scripter – this will depend on if the lead scripter/ co owner will need help!
@You - modeler – this depends of if the recent modeler would need help!

Why should i apply?

I am never forcing nobody to apply or do anything out of the ordinary i am chill and i can fit in with any schedule unless you can barely work 1 hour or 2 but other than that i can take anything in mind and be noted! if you have work somewhere else your traveling i can take that to note!

About The Job

Since this game is like bee swarm we need people that is advanced and can do a lot of things similar to bee swarm have not played bee swarm yet well here is the link that will give you the whole reference on how the game is going to work!


i should expect this to take a while but it will be great that you work in a calming mood and not too rushing because as said rushing will make bugs and bad scripts which i do not want so that when the game is complete we take a good vacation for a while or else let’s not go there.


We are paying in percentages as i want to add all of my robux in to advertisement and sponsor so that our game will get some where before it gets bomb like bee swarm!

How do we know our game will succeed?

Well, as you know bee swarm is a popular game and since it is based of; of it i think it will get popular or some where, it is also very grindy so people will play it more and come back everyday! and the advertisement or sponsor will get us somewhere!

Serious Job or not?

Actually its both sometimes when we get too work its very serious but when we are chilling just talking it out we can have a few joking around no Toxicity!

Want to contact me?

you must be 13 years or more to apply!
add me on discord aswell: (GfxDes#5045)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: