Slow Client Fix

Hi all. I have a server script that sends strings to clients and the client would display it out for the user in a typewriter thing. If the client has a bad connection or is performing slowly, it would receive the string too late and two requests would essentially overlap each other. I tried to add a time compensation but that would just make the client out of sync compared to everyone else. I don’t want to store the strings client-sided, so I’m not really sure how to fix the overlapping properly. Note: I am not yielding when doing the typewriter part, but I am yielding in between sending strings to clients.

Suggest doing a code similar to this:

local res

delay(1, function() -- Don't worry, this doesn't pause the other lines, it skips this while waiting 1 second. Similar to spawn function.

  if res == nil then
     print("It didn't send the request. Maybe took so long?")

res = instance.RemoteFunction:InvokeClient(client, ...)

Refer to the following function via link:

You should, unless absolutely necessary and no other alternative suffices, avoid invoking the client. Refer to the warning in Server to Client under Using Remote Functions in the following article:

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Right. Another way, use RemoteEvent. This way, it can communicate without interruption.

On the server code, you should have a code similar to this:

local lastsentRequests = {
  [1] = 32, -- Client's userid is 1 (Roblox's UserId), just pretend. 32 is the last time client had a last request.

function eventCalled(client, ...)
  if lastsentRequests[client.UserId] ~= nil then
    lastsentRequests[client.UserId] = time()


local onTime = time()

instance.RemoteEvent:FireClient(client, ...)

delay(1, function()
  local timedif = onTime-lastsentRequests[client.UserId]

  if timedif > 10 then
     print("It took long to respond.")

My main issue here is that when the client gets a remote event too late, It would over lap two remote events. It usually does not miss the entire remote event, it just gets the remote event late which causes a future remote event to overlap with the past one. I also don’t want to pause the server that sends all the strings for a client to catch up.