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Slushie’z is a enjoying and relaxing place when you can chill with your friends and have a slushie or more. You can also work and begin your MR journey.

This Information Hub will be elaborating on distinct information and practices of which are utilized regularly at Slushie’z. It will allow our staff members, management, and visitors to be aware of the functions at the the bar.

After reviewing the handbook, any inquiries or concerns can be directed towards a member of the Founding Team of which would be pleased to assist you. Thank you for visiting the Slushie’z!


Regulations Guidelines

Promotion Guidelines

Rank Information Guidelines

Staff Handbook Information Area

Partnership Guidelines

Session Schedule

Appeal Guidelines

Department Guidelines


We appreciate that you took the time to read through this guidebook in order to give you a hand in your experience at Slushie’z!

Any further concerns or questions can be directed to the Leadership Team or the Founding Team.

— Founding Team

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Founding Team

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