Slushiez | Handbook

What is Slushiez?

“We are here to slush your day!”

Slushiez is a Roblox parlor that comes with an amazing community. At Slushiez you will find tasty chilled refreshments and delicious pastries! Our motivation is to serve our visitors with the utmost pleasurable experience. Slushiez was founded in December of 2020 by fanofaIex and SASHEST.

Code of Conduct

Trolling is strictly prohibited at Slushiez. Any type of trolling whatsoever will result in a reminder and an automatic kick from the server.

Exploiting, also known as hacking, is prohibited at Slushiez. Users found exploiting will receive an automatic permanent ban, and cannot appeal to Slushiez’s Staffing Department for at least 2 weeks.

Intentional spam will result in a server ban. If you are caught massive spamming 2+ times, you’ll be permanently banned and would have to submit an appeal to Slushiez’s Staffing Department.

Alliance Applications

If you wish to have a chance to form an affiliate with Slushiez, you must meet the following guidelines set by Slushiez’s Public Relations Team. If your community does not meet these certain requirements, your application will be declined. Slushiez is looking for active, empowering, and organized groups.

  • Your group MUST have at least 1000+ GROUP members and 100+ non-botted DISCORD members.
  • Your group should be active and show growth.
  • You MUST not have a history of free ranking, purchasing ranks, scamming, or exploiting.
  • Your group MUST show originality and diversity.
  • MUST have at least 1 representative.
  • Your group must be willing to collaborate in events with Slushiez.
  • Your group must have a released main facility (cafe, restaurant, etc).

What is your group name? Please give a brief explanation of your group with links.
What sparked your interest in partnering with Slushiez?
On a scale of 1-10, how active would you rate your group?
How is this group different than other groups on the Roblox platform?
How will your group benefit Slushiez?
Do you understand that if we encounter any breakage of our guidelines we will terminate/blacklist this alliance?

Once you’ve filled out the answers with a thoughtful amount of detail, please direct the application to Slushiez’s PR team. We wish you the best of luck!

Appeal Punishment

There are 3 different appeal options at Slushiez. There is no guarantee your appeal will be accepted, it is up to Slushiez’s Staffing Department. Users found disrupting the community after punishment by using ALTs will receive a permanent blacklist.

Discord Ban
A Discord Ban is a punishment given to those who violated Slushiez’s Discord Server Rules. In order to appeal, you must wait at least 2 weeks and then submit the Appealing Punishment form with a thoughtful amount of detail.

Permanent Server Ban
A Permanent Server Ban is a punishment given to those who severely violated Slushiez’s Code of Conduct, disabling them from joining any Slushiez facility. In order to appeal a pban, you must wait 1 month and then submit the Appealing Punishment Form form with a thoughtful amount of detail.

MR Blacklist
An MR Blacklist is given to those who severely violated Slushiez’s Staff Guidelines, preventing them from becoming an MR. To appeal an MR Blacklist, you must wait 1 month and then submit the Appealing Punishment Form) form with a thoughtful amount of detail.

Low Ranks

Low Rank team members at Slushiez aren’t required to use grammar while at the cafe, all we ask is the sentences remain readable. Failure to utilize readable grammar will result in consequences. Below you will find a list of prominent rules Low Ranks must follow when at the cafe.

  • Do not hint for promotion.
  • All Low Ranks must use common sense at all times.
  • Low Ranks must be professional at all times, inside the kitchen or not.
  • Low Ranks must use readable grammar.
  • Low Ranks must abide by the Roblox Community Standards.

How do I get promoted from Trainee?
In order to get promoted from Trainee, you need to attend a Training Session at one of the times listed inside the Trainings tab. Once you’ve become a Junior Slusher, you need to achieve 150 worker points at the cafe to become a Skilled Slusher. After achieving the Skilled Slusher role, you need to attend another Training Session to receive Experienced Worker.

How do I get Staff Assistant?
To get Staff Assistant you need to be a hard-working Experienced Worker. To be qualified, you must work actively at the cafe (30 minutes - 1 hour a day) for at least 4 days, and you must use grammar at all times. Hinting for promotion from Slushiez’s MRs will result in consequences, and will severely lower your chances of being promoted.

Recipe Guide


Cup + Ice + Flavoring
Strawberry Slushy
Blue Raspberry Slushy
Grape Slushy
Orange Slushy


HOT: Cup + Milk + Microwave + Brew
ICED: Cup + Ice + Milk + Brew
Iced Regular
Iced Latte
Iced Espresso
Iced Cappuccino

Additional Drinks:

Cup + Drink
Cup + Ice + Drink
Iced Water


Cakepop Bottom + Cakepop Icing
Strawberry Cakepop
Vanilla Cakepop
Chocolate Cakepop


Cookie Batter + Oven + Topping
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sugar Cookie
Chocolate Cookie

Promotion Guide

To obtain Trainee, you need to apply at Slushiez’s Quiz Center that’s open 24 hours.

Junior Slushier
In order to become a Junior Slusher, you must successfully attend a Training Session and be taught all of the regulations of an LR. 3/5 points are required to pass a Training Session.

Skilled Slusher
The Skilled Slusher role is a role awarded to those who achieve 150 worker points at the cafe after becoming a Junior Slusher. This can be obtained by taking orders, mopping spills, and participating in minigames.

Experienced Worker
Those awarded the role ‘Experienced Worker’ are Skilled Slushers that once again successfully passed a Training Session. 5/5 points are required to pass a Training Session.

Staff Assistant
To become a Staff Assistant, you must work actively at the cafe (30 minutes - 1 hour) for at least one week. We will also release public applications periodically for this role.


Training sessions are hosted on a daily basis by Slushiez’s MR team.
Trainee+ is required in order to attend sessions

Training Times:
12:00 AM EST
12:00 PM EST
4:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST

Useful Links

Job Center
Training Center

Handbook written by fanofaIex and proofread by SASHEST.