Small Amusement Park Development Progress

Hey there!

I thought I would show a project I had been working on with a few other pals and it’s been quite fun! We are designing and building up a small yet great-looking amusement park onto ROBLOX, a smaller project however compared to others.


^ (This was the progress of one attraction today, the morning to the left and late at night to the right) ^

Hope you enjoyed looking at these, there is a link and game up and running however we would like to get this park done before opening our front doors to the public!

Created together by @Aidanhood_Dev, @CreeperJackson10 & @vandanke


it’s wonderful! Keep go on! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

This is really cool. The rollercoasters look really nice. But when you made the rollercoaster i should work on decoration and details that will be great also

looks nice, hi from coaster team