Small Animation ive made with Skinned Mesh

Its just a walk animation nothing really much

but improvements are welcome

Incase it doesnt load heres the link


Very well done! I will suggest to maybe make the pincers move, or bounce slightly when the spider is going up and down.

5 stars for you lad.
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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I broke my screen due to my arachnophobia hope that says something about how it looks…

lol jk, looks nice maybe add more vertices to the sac so that it is a little more rounded but yeah looks great.

I now have a reason to get an op monitor now thanks :smile: :v:

It’s so good I was almost terrified. Heheh…

Omg, I dion’t like spiders. :0

Besides me not liking spiders, it’s really good!! I would say make the feet or legs, idk. More rounder, they look very thin.

Oh man i can’t wait to have spiderman as a animatable mesh in roblox :joy:
good job animating it.

I dont rly like them being round cuz it kinda looks better when its lowpoly

It already bounces a lil on its butt the physics plugin tried its best. It didnt rly turn out very good but its kind of noticable.

And im not going to add anymore bones on this mesh because it was a pain to weight paint everything

It kinda looks better when its low poly because weight painting this was a pain.