Small Cozy Diner (Feedback)

Hi People!

Just yesterday I began making a cozy Diner and for once I’m actually very committed to this build!

Here is the link: Untitled Random Game #2 - Roblox
(The transparent floating parts are seat animations, try them :D)
(There is no sounds/ music yet)

  • How did I do?
  • Is the lighting okay?
  • How does the Diner look?
  • What should I do to improve?

Thanks for reading!


It is really good, I would just mess around with the lighting a little more to fit the style and probably do some more with the floor, like maybe find a good texture or something.


Yeah I have been messing around with the lighting recently trying to find a more better fit to the vibe… No luck just yet. Thanks for the feedback!

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Good build the structure and small amount of details are decent I can tell the materials are quite repetitive since the floor and tables have similar materials. The support and lighting are a good addition it kind of have that lonely feel since there seems to be nothing surrounding the building shops, other restaurants cars ect.

I’d add something onto the tables instead of it being empty the amount of wooden material choice placed on each section of the chairs normally has a bland look perhaps switch it up with a different material, that depends on the style your going for I’ll try throwing some picture frames plants at the entrance as well as adding little props around the building that features one type of theme. You could possibly gather reference images to get little ideas to add to your diner place

Otherwise you’ve done a great job on the structure the lighting is nice with the overall design continue to improve sorting parts of the building. :slight_smile: