Small Low Poly Terrain Piece

I’m working on a small low poly showcase, though I’m still also at the same time kind of new at Low Poly Designs.

Take a look at this small Terrain Piece and tell me how it is!
(No Free Models, But no Blender.)

Tell me what you think! I’m still kinda new at building so I would enjoy feedback on what you think about the low poly terrain piece.


I really like it! Though the tree looks pretty weird.


Like I said, I’m kinda new still! Thanks for the advice though. This specific terrain piece isn’t meant to be exactly an earth-like piece, but instead a more magical feel to it.

But other than that. This is really good!

Since your new it’s a decent start for a first build. If you’re looking to add a little bit of details into your build to get a good looking terrain, you can always mix some other height or terrain to create like elevation onto your terrain.

I would consider duplicating or creating a new piece of terrain and raise one of them so that it adds variation creating like a stair piece have it higher than the others.

Add some variation to the terrain creating like a steps. You can think of other technique more as placing vegetation because you’d use this to add some depth to the terrain making it look less empty and plain looking adding variation. If you’re not understanding what i’m saying, here’s an image that could possibly give you a good understanding or an idea:

At the start it looks decent for a first attempt. I really think what you should do here is add vegetation something to make it less dull empty.



Try Make A low Poly Tree Because the tree does not look that great not going to lie.

And add more grass in the plain area’s

Can I recommend downloading blender 2.8?
It might take several hours of practise to get used to, but it’s worth it- believed me.

(One reason why I mention this- is roblox’s basic parts have high poly counts for what they are.
Big games like adopt me run so smoothly because of their blender meshes, and reduced poly triangles)

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Decent start so far, nice job!

I don’t know what version I downloaded but I have Blender Downloaded on my Computer that I use, I’m just not really good at making it. Thanks for recommending it overall though.

Well, the tree, doesn’t even look like a tree. Is that’s supposed to be a tree, or is it something else?

It is, I’ll redesign it! I wanted to see what people first thought about the Piece in general before I went on and re-edited it. I will edit the tree!

The tree is well, something? I’d recommend making them closer together and smaller as the continue upwards. A bit like a pyramid.

Looks good considering you’re new to this.

Is the grass a free model? Because if you made that consider me impressed.

I’d say the Grass is a Free Model from a plugin, but not the toolbox itself.

I like it. It could have a bit more detail like at the bottom. The Trees look weird. Otherwise it looks great!

I suggest using a cone for the tree and messing around with light particle effects to make it feel “magical” as you described it. Also try messing around with triangle terrain plugins.

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