Small Tween Inside of Ui When A Value is Added

That title is probably confusing, but I’ll explain it better.

Inside my game, I have a Ui displaying the current value a user has of our in-game currency


Whenever said value is updated not only do I want it to smoothly transition to the new value. I’d also like that Ui to scale up a bit and down giving a smooth impression. I’m very new to scripting so sorry if this is an easy answer…


Hello @Clxzed ,
You can use the .Changed event which is in IntValue (or NumberValue) for your coins, every time the value of the object changes, .Changed will execute your code, in this code you can create a smooth zoom in and out animation using the TweenService, you can read more about him here. Also here is the documentation for NumberValue with sample code using .Changed event.

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