Small weapon showcase

Here are the weapons that I recently made. All of them are below 4k triangles. The color is given by vertex paint, which gives them the ability to keep the color scheme, but change the color.


WOW, thats very awesome! Good joob!

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This is really good! I really like the designs you put on the first picture!

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very cool, the style is simply impressive, i have to ask are you gonna do something with theese assets?

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Yes, but not exactly me. I sold them the moment they were made.

Good job, the top one is very well made!


I can’t even think of anything you need to change about them. I love the detail of the weapons!
How long have been making these weapons for?

I’ve started modelling 1-2 years ago. The swords I made and showed here took me from 30 minutes to 3 hours.